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Scottish Commission for Learning Disability Privacy Notice

How we gather and use personal data

Where there is a word in bold in this document, we have explained what it means in the Glossary at the end.

Details of how to contact us to request a copy of the data that SCLD holds about you as an individual are found at the bottom of this page. 

Who we are

The Scottish Commission for Learning Disability is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. Our Charity is SC032846. Our address is Suite 5.2, Stock Exchange Court, 77 Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow, G2 1QY.

We gather and use personal data about the individuals and organisations we work with. This document explains why we do this and what we do with the information we have. Gathering and using personal information like this means we are a ‘data controller’.

If you have any questions about this document, or how we use information, you can write to us at:

Scottish Commission for Learning Number Disability, Suite 5.2, Stock Exchange Court, 77 Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow G2 1QY

email us at:

or call us on:

0141 248 3733

All of the personal data we hold will be treated in accordance with the terms of GPPR. We will regularly check this document covers everything we need it to and update it when necessary.

The types of personal data we collect

Our work means we gather different types of information. We have outlined these below:

  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • The organisation you work for
  • Any other relevant contact details, such as telephone or post
  • The events we have run which you have attended
  • Information on the areas of our work you are interested in
  • Information on how you have used our website

GDPR says some types of information are sensitive information. This information is given special protection. We will only collect it if we need it for insurance purposes, we need to know it to keep you safe at a meeting or event (such as allergies or health needs) and you have given us your consent to store it. Information we gather which counts as sensitive information is:

  • Information on your dietary and access requirements
  • Information on your health needs

How we collect personal data

Some of the personal data we have is given to us by people themselves. When people register for any of our events, conferences or meetings, they give us their name, the name of the organisation they work for, their contact details and sometimes their personal preferences, like what they would like to eat, or whether they need any help with access. People also give us these details when they contact us through our website or join our mailing list.

If we collect personal information from you directly, we will tell you what it will be used for and ask for your consent to do this.

We also gather personal information through the work that we do. If you are involved in any of our projects or work areas, we may store the information we have about you. This would include your name, the name of the organisation you work for, your contact details and which areas of our work you are interested in. Where you have been involved with our work, or had contact with our staff, and we have kept the details you have given us, we will tell you we have done this and ask for your consent.

When you use our website,, we automatically collect information on the pages you have visited, how long you have spent on them, the links you have clicked and the documents you have downloaded. One way we do this is by using cookies which help us to know more about our website users. You will be asked whether you consent to us using cookies when you visit our website.

This document does not cover the data we gather on the population of people with learning disabilities through our research projects. Exemptions from GDPR mean these have their own Privacy Notices. If you are involved in any of our research projects, we will make sure you receive a copy of this.

Our legal basis for gathering and using personal data

GDPR sets out the lawful bases organisations must meet to store and use personal data. Most of the personal data we use will have been collected under the lawful basis of consent. This means where we are storing or using your personal data, we will have explained this to you and you will have given us consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

If we have purchased a service from you, or you have purchased a service from us, the personal data we have relating to this will be stored under the lawful basis of contractual obligation. This means we need to use the data to be able to carry out our work with you.

How we use personal data  

We will use the personal data we hold to:

  • Let you know about news, events and activities we think you might like to hear about.
  • Better understand the types of organisations we are reaching with our communications.
  • Help us to provide you with specific services when you attend our events.

We will not use the personal data we hold to:

  • Use a computer or software to make any decisions about you based only on the personal data we have.

If we want to use the personal data we have on you for a new purpose not covered above we will contact you and explain this new use. We will do this and get your consent before we start using your personal data for the new use.

Who we share personal data with

We treat the personal data we have as confidential and only share it with organisations whose services and software are needed to help us provide the best possible service. To do this, we sometimes use other companies to help us process data, such as event bookings or how our website is used. We will only do this after we have asked for your consent. Each of these companies has provided us with details of their own GDPR compliance. If you would like to see the privacy policy of an organisation we work with, please contact us.

You can get more information on this by writing to us at:

Scottish Commission for Learning Disability, Suite 5.2, Stock Exchange Court, 77 Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow G2 1QY

emailing us at:

or calling us on:

0141 248 3733.

How we store personal data

Any personal data collected is stored securely using SCLD’s password-protected, encrypted digital filing system on our server. This data is accessible to authorised staff only.

How long we keep personal data for

We keep personal data for as long as is necessary to carry out the work it relates to. This depends on the reason we have your personal data in the first place.

Mailing list

You can opt out of receiving the SCLD eFocus by clicking the ‘unsubscribe from this list’ link in the footer of any issue of eFocus you have received, or you can contact SCLD directly and ask to be removed from the list.

When we collect data for the purposes of events, we hold this data until the end of our events process and then delete it from our records. ‘Events process’ refers to SCLD’s usual process and policy when organising and holding events.

General information requests

When an individual makes a specific information request to SCLD, we hold their data until the completion of this information request and then delete it from our records, unless the individual has made a further request to stay in touch with SCLD, for example, through signing up to our eFocus mailing list.

Video conferencing calls

As much of SCLD’s meetings and events are taking place digitally due to the COVID-19 restrictions please be aware that upon accepting a meeting invitation from our staff, that meetings and events may be recorded for the purposes of minute-taking, instruction and for the benefit of those who cannot attend live. The organiser of the meeting/event will notify you in advance if this is the case and you will have the option to withdraw from the meeting/event or take part in discussion via the meeting platform’s chat function, should you not wish SCLD to take a recording of you.

The chat function will in all cases be regarded as a part of the meeting, and notes from this may be used to further our project development or as a part of the meeting minute.

Any meeting recording will be stored securely by SCLD in our online filing system, according to the terms set out in our Privacy Policy, under ‘How we store personal data’.

The meeting organiser will remind participants of the above at the outset of the meeting.

SCLD’s preferred meeting platform is Microsoft Teams. All of our video and audio meetings on Microsoft Teams, including those with external attendees are encrypted on our server. This ensures a secure connection and maximum privacy for meeting attendees.

SCLD recruitment process

When submitting your personal data to SCLD as part of a recruitment process, in the event of your being unsuccessful we will keep your personal data for six months. After a period of six months has passed we will securely dispose of any information collected as part of the recruitment process. For further information on how we process personal data in relation to recruitment, please refer to our GDPR Privacy Notice for Job Applicants.

If you have submitted your personal data to SCLD as part of a recruitment process and are successful, your data will be subject to SCLD’s GDPR Privacy Notice for Staff.

How we will keep in touch

If you have given us your personal data to join our mailing list we will send you a copy of our online newsletter monthly.

If you have given us your personal data to register for an event, meeting or conference we will use the contact details you have given us to keep in touch with information about the event you are attending, and any further events you might be interested in if you have given us consent to do that. This might be by post, email or telephone.

Your rights and who to contact

You have the right to:

  • Ask for a copy of the personal data we hold about you. We will not charge you for this.
  • Ask that we correct any personal data we hold about you which is incorrect or out of date.
  • Ask that we delete the personal data we hold about you.
  • Withdraw consent to us using your personal data in the ways you’ve said we can.
  • Ask that we send all the personal data we hold on you to another company or organisation.
  • Ask us to stop using your personal data until you’re happy it is correct and being used in a way you are comfortable with.
  • Object to the ways we use personal data.
  • Complain to the Information Commissioners Office about the ways we gather or use personal data.

To do any of the above, you can write to us at:

Scottish Commission for Learning Disability, Suite 5.2, Stock Exchange Court, 77 Nelson Mandela Place, Glasgow G2 1QY

email us at:

or call us on:

0141 248 3733.

If you would like to request access to the data that this website holds about you as a website user, please use this form.

The Information Commissioners Office can be written to at:

Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF

emailed at:

or called on:

0303 123 1113



 Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Being a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation means we are a type of Scottish charity. This sets out the rules and laws we must obey when carrying out our day to day work.

personal data

Personal data is information about a person which could be used to identify them. We might know who you are from the information itself, or by linking that data to other information we have access to. GDPR tells us the rules we must obey when gathering and using personal data.

data controller

GDPR identifies organisations as data controllers. Being a data controller for GDPR means we decide what personal data we collect and how we will use it.

sensitive information

GDPR says some personal data is sensitive information. This data is information we would think of as personal, such as your health, your religion and your ethnicity.


If you have given us consent, you have said we are allowed to use your personal data. To get your consent, we will always tell you what personal data we will be gathering and how we will be using it.


Cookies are small pieces of data sent from our website to your computer. They remember useful information and tell organisations more about the people using their website.

meeting platform

A meeting platform refers to digital conferencing software such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

video conferencing calls

Video conferencing calls refers to any meeting held online using a meeting platform such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or alternatives.

exemptions from GDPR

privacy notices

GDPR says organisation must give information about how they obey the laws on gathering and using data. The document containing this information is called a privacy notice. 

lawful bases

GDPR sets out the lawful bases we must use to gather and use personal data. These are the reasons we must give whenever we want to do this.

legitimate interests

Refers to the lawful basis on which we process data. To comply with the GDPR 2018 we must evaluate the purpose and necessity of processing any personal data before processing takes place. We must also balance any data processing activity with the rights and freedoms of the individual (e.g. ensure that data processing does not infringe rights) before processing data.

If these three conditions are satisfied, legitimate interest is proved and we can therefore process the data in question.


Information and data that is confidential will be kept private. If information is confidential, we won’t share it with anyone.

withdraw consent

If you withdraw consent, you are telling us that we are not allowed to use your personal data any more. You can withdraw consent at any time.

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